A diffulcult voice.?

Ok Im 15 years old and my voice is pretty giant picthed for my age I have lots of pubic coat on my penis( more than I can count) lots of arm pit hair and facial mane so that does tel me Im in the stages of puberty but how come voice hasnt changed however its so ******* annoying since is so high pichted thats why I barley even articulate at all someone please sustain me the **** out!

Answers:    I went through alike exact thing, so I know what you're discussion about. Every guy's different, some guy's voice drops first, some guy's voice drops ending. Yours should drop within the subsequent few months, since you already have pubic, underarm, and facial curls. There's nothing wrong beside you, your voice is just the finishing thing that's going to translation. No worries. =)
i got a wide voice and im only 13 ha ha ha. every time i answer the phone they assume its my dad. that sucks for you

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