6 pack abs?

Hi all how be your xmas.
I think ive reach the point now where on earth my body is in well-mannered enough shape to start working on a 6 pack.
Does anyone reccomend how plentiful sit-ups i should be doing a night to get done a six pack.
Thanks all : )
Ps : please go the jokes out roughly speaking 6 pack beers etc it just wilderness time.
thanks lol

Answers:    If you're sinewy enough you an enjoy an 8 pack...

Nightly sit ups and leg raises. Start to where on earth you can do as many as you can. And consequently kind of digit out what's a comfortable number. And make sure you do it every single hours of darkness. I do over a hundred easy a dark (and that's in totting up to a 10 mile run every day, yoga, and working out contained by the gym).
Hey, i started of with two sets of 25 sit ups, afterwards 50 then 75 and so on and 25 stomach crunches and repeat as sit-ups, works for me.

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