23 years elderly near ED?

I am 23, and sometimes when I have intercourse beside a woman It doesn't stay totally firm the entire time. Sometimes I will get bored or switch position and it will become almost unusable.

This isn't other the case. But medium would have you regard that people my age should only just be able to pop it up, to its full potential whenever you are more or less to have intercourse. But resembling I said, not all the time it get like that so smoothly. Also, if it does, it sometimes doesn't last the entire time.

I do masturbate alot. Could this stop it? Also I don't want to go see a specialist around it, or take drugs to trade name it larger. I want to just know how to spring up all the time resembling normal. I used to do it no problem as a teen, but since something like 21? It has become harder on some night then others.


Answers:    within are alot of factors that could head to ED. Stress is a big one. Preformance anxiety is another biggy too. if you're too worried about mortal really good you can loose it, which kinda lead back to the first point of stress. If that's the grip, it can become a wicked cycle because everytime you want to enjoy sex, you just bring back more and more nevous about it.

As far as i know, masturbation have nothing to do near it.
Its probably on your mind while your having sex and thats contributing to your problem, Enjoy it more short stressing, and dont Masturbate so much especially when you know your gonna get some, The problem is within your head and not your Tool.

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