***** Emergency?

Okay, I'm your average teenager. But for the finishing hour, I get an erection, and squirt resembling usual. But, it takes me below FIVE SECONDS FOR ME TO GET ANOTHER. No, I'm not looking at porn. I'm just sitting here. And it typically takes 30-90 minutes for another *****.

I hold been severely active today though. Can you guys evaluate any lead to?

Answers:    Its fine, mine doesnt go away, other guys loose it straight away, others loose it but regain it contained by a fe wminutes. Dont worry in the order of it, all moral.
I've had that transpire before. I be having sex and after I come, I stayed erect and kept on going until I came again (I sure longing I could do that again). If your erection lasts more than 4 hours and you don't want it to, after go see a doctor.

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