A interview something like testerone.plz answer?

is it necessary that if i own so much testerone in my body next hair must grow on my facade? well.because my penis get erected quickly and briskly even if just next to a girl's voice and a guy told me that it's because i have so much testerone surrounded by my body but.hair still doesn't grow on the sides of my frontage and i don't get sideburns or beard..how come i enjoy so much testerone in my body and still curls doesn't grow on the sides of my face (sideburns)?? iam 20 years weak, explain plz

Answers:    It is your genetics, look at your brothers (if you hold them and your mother and father/uncles. Certain ethnicity's have really little hair (Asians and American Indians for example)

Your hackle growth has NOTHING to do near testosterone. Proof... research shows that testosterone levels within bald men are superior than men with gluey hair.

You erection item is easy. YOU ARE 20!

Good luck!
One word-troll

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