A precise sex Q for the experienced?

Ok this is a bit of a personal one and also maybe a bit strange!

My new boyfriend seem to enjoy foreplay and sex but I be concerned that he never came from it. I broached the subject next to him and he confessed that while he does find it pleasurable, he doesn't actually carry out orgasm this way. His own masturbation techinque would be pretty tricky to incorporate into actual sex and we'd both approaching to find a way for him to "train" himself (for want of a better expression) to know how to come through penetration. Any thinking on methods, ways of changing how he gain pleasure, or just an theory of WHERE I could find some information on this?

For the record, this is something he have admitted wanting to do - I'm not making demands as I am glowing with things as they are but I'd resembling to help him find more ways to relish himself too.

Answers:    try anal
first off. try several different ways and find out what feel best. second. you need to swot to control your "vaginal muscles" is you will. do this by when you pee try your hardest to stop it. those muscles that do that are the ones you want to be able to control. this mode you can "tighten up" to make it feel better. go to cosmopolitan.com they own alot of great sex positions and techniques

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