(MEN & WOMAN) I'm Pregnant, and I'm "depriving" my Fiancee of sex..Advice?Opinions?

not what i want to do...believe me. first off.. i do want to agree to you all know i am 22, be with him for almost 5 years...Before you all step gettin hypocritical, mmkay?

I do enjoy sex! sometimes more than others.. And i own my moments..where... i dont want to be touched at adjectives...I have a thoroughly wild side to me that ido not show..becuase iknow hes not into it. I crave that! but it would freak most folks out!

But heres the thing... I'm going on for 81/2 months pregnant...and have be super sore.from normal pregnancy ( first child etc ).. During the entire pregnancy. so we havnt have sex much... everythings fine medicaly.. But no sex for months...which i know is driving him crazy!...
We've been more argumentative since this acured...
i want to please him! But i a short time ago have have ABSOLUTLEY no crave, want for sex... or to be touched...

But... I've been wanting to masturbate more regularly..and more arroused by woman.. than men. ( but i am bi .. so.)

any adivce, or opinions...?

Answers:    I own four kids and had sex near my husband all through respectively pregnancy at least twice a sunshine.

Some women use pregnancy as an excuse not to have sex, I reckon it's just ridiculous! Unless there's a medical explanation for abstaining and you have stated that in attendance is not, then you should get hold of more creative and find better positions that aren't painful to you.

Sometimes you stipulation to take one for the squad, your fiance already has by doing lacking, now it's your turn.
you are pregnant so your hormones are going CRAZY. it's thorny to know what you want.
frankly, during your gestation and afterwards too, it should be about what YOU'RE all set for not what he wants.

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