6/8 pack & penis classify.?

i always wondered the differences between a 6 and 8 pack and i dont indicate the obvious two other muscles. approaching if you have a 6 pack and preserve working out do u get an 8 pack?
wat r some accurate exercises to get an 6 or 8 pack at home?

my second query is.
i saw somewhere online that u can make a sort of ur penis kinda lyk a double or replica if you will.
does anyone no how and what the ingredients are.
i know it was lyk a mushy slush that would coalesce after you poured it in the classify.

thanks closely.

Answers:    First of all, doing crunches, pushups, and overall working your core will endow with you a 6 or '8' pack.

Second, why in the world would you want to generate a cast of your penis. That's undeniably strange.
(Q1) maybe...but most population top-off at 6.
(Q2) it would take really long...but this is how you do it:
1)get rugged (or keep soft if that's what you want)
2)put a condom on
3)rap the condom (and your penis) contained by tissue paper-- which has be soaked in a mixture of dampen and glue (2:1)-- trade name sure the layer isn't to tacky, or it wont be realistic
4)use a blow dryer to give a hand speed up the drying process
5)remove from penis
-make sure the condom doesn't have lubricant (or use a ballon instead, it will be harder to bring in and out off)
-don't soak the tissue to much
-you can cover the conom beside clay instead of tissue & mixture
-if you feel that the tissue/clay is really tight on your penis (as it dries) it would be a worthy idea to acquire it off previously it gets stock (but it will shrink a touch while in the drying process)
i have a 6 pack since i was 12 from soccer, and later i started 2 work out more and at 15-16 i got an 8 pack. i muse it has mostly to do next to genetics, a really low bf, and working out. umm do crunches, situps, baggy leg raises, running, and drinking healthy for abs.

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