...:( I'm Getting really depressed just about this.. If i have a hemmriod, Should my girlfreind break up beside me..?

Okay, This may sound odd but i dont care.. I am a 14 year weak male, & i own this girlfreind that ive been going out beside for a while now.. & i love her soo much.. & im worried around, my anus (Weird yess), butt i have noone else to turn too, really... My Father, Committed suicide.. Which hurt me pretty fruitless, but i still have a mom to agree to but its not the same, so im asking anyone who would clutch the time, to listen to me, & to give me, an apt answer.. Okay, for some reason around my anus, it enjoy gott a little sore, i dont mechanism sores.. like bumps, but it have got itchy at first than very soon its, turned to paining a bit.. i really need, minister to.. cause i am really deppressed over these kind of things, because i think nil can cure it.. & people will infer im completely weird dont procure me wrong i have lots of freinds.. But im worried, that it could be a (Hemmorid) Which i really dont want... Please I NEED ANSWERS. . & if it be a Hemmroid, Should Or will she break us up?? do you think.:(

Answers:    First you must enjoy no shame about any disease and short being depressed other have to collaborate with some doctor previously putting untrue diagnosis. Sure, it can be some hemorrhoids (easily curable) but without other information we can't give support to you more. Go & talk beside a doctor without problem!
Hey within!
First off any girl that broke up beside you over hemorrhoids in stupid... She doesn't even enjoy to know you have them. Tons of empire have hemorrhoids. (You are not the merely one) I started getting them when I was within high college. The Dr. told me it was from human being so active to not doing any ting. And it have a lot to do next to your diet. Are you eating tough? You need plenty or wet and fiber in your diet.
Now, you should budge to the Dr just to label sure that is what you hold. He can also give you some pills to make them shrink. I be so embarrassed something like going to the Dr for this problem and when I told him that he just laugh and said he see's butt's all year long. So go see your Dr. You will fine!
Good luck

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