15 year prehistoric teen near big boobs?

im 15 years old beside man boobs im not fat im newly average sized lad im a fastest in my academy but i have man boobs i hear its my hormones and they will go as i return with older is that true ? oh P.S how can i form them firm so they dont bounce up and down any tips training weight gym obligation help.

Answers:    You probably own gynecomastia, and it usually goes away throughout puberty. If you're overweighted, it might a short time ago be fatty tissue. You should try wearing a wife beater or some tight undershirt beneath your regular clothes to hide your man boobs. You can other wear a sports bra but I don't think you wanna be caught inert in one of those. Working out won't relief gynecomastia since you're only going to build pecs beneath your boobs, which might certainly make your boobs look bigger. If you're simply tubby though, working out might get rid of them. Good luck at disguising your boobs, seriously.
Start doing push ups until that time bed and in the morning. In the gym, bench press, chest press, lat pulldown, and seated row.
Good luck dude.

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