ok so im 22 years old...and enjoy unfortunately be able to grow a beard. I do hold chin hair tho but some is purely so thin that you own to get up close. I hold never used a razor to my facade before. I hold always used an electric blade but it doesnt get close. I guess i havent used a blade before because im extremely frightened of possible razor bumps. I know that when you shave it cuts stale the thin hot hairs and they grow support thicker which makes it appear to be growing more, but I guess my query is-If i was to use a cut-throat, would my facial hair grow put money on thicker than if i was to use an electric blade?

Answers:    Shaving, no matter what you appear to be shaving with, have no effect on hair bulk. It may feel thicker because it have been cut, and is stubbly, but the impression that shaving increases growth is false.

Shave with anything you are most comfortable with.
coat does not grow back thicker. i.e. a fallacy. completely untrue and don't permit anyone tell you that.

I am the converse and use a razor. it is exceptionally close and does the job biddable.

I never used an electric shaver, but using a razor will thieve a little longer, but your especially presentable by using this method.
New evidence suggests that using a razor to shave DOES NOT incentive facial hair to grow thicker and/or quicker. So, armed next to that bit of info, relax...get yourself a Gillette Mach 3 Turbo...sensitive Gillette shaving gel...and shave AFTER you nick a bath/shower...it makes a big difference. Good luck!

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