A D**k With A Boy Attached?

This is a serious question so don't burn me too desperate, OK?
I think give or take a few sex all the time! I show as soon as I wake up, right til I jo and turn to sleep. I wrote a journal for academy and today I wrote that I feel resembling a dick with a boy attached. LOL (I erased it.) Anyone else ever discern like this?

Answers:    Sometimes it's close to we're partners. Sometimes the chief on my penis seems to be within charge and everything is done the way it requests it, and the head on my shoulders of late goes along near it. Just like you, I expect about sex ALL the time.
yes, sometimes i grain like my d!ck controls my vivacity. one time i was supposed to step to lunch with my mom and the darkness before i be up till 6 o'clock in the morning watching porn and consequently the next afternoon i felt so horrible for that.

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