i have profusely of very small bumps on my penis mostly on the side of the shaft here aboutt he size of goose bumps but there alway nearby and i'm never had sex earlier

Answers:    from your description is is most likely that you enjoy what is called sebaceous prominence. This is not an std or anything approaching that. it is just pure sebaceous glands on your penis that are more visible. So no want to worry it is completely safe if this is what you have.. check out the pic to be sure and do a google on sebaceous prominence for more information. well brought-up luck and I hope this helped.. oh an here is the website. (ignore adjectives the ignorant family with their absurd coments about std's) genital wart grow abnormally shaped and herpes blisters and also comes and go. I can almost guarantee you have sebaceous prominence.

here is the website you should check right away

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