"Skinning the foreskin pay for?"?

This question is to the uncut guys out within. When I am dressing or after having my penis out for any cause, I always push the skin rear legs before I position my penis within my briefs. Even when I am naked I retract the foreskin. Doesn't other stay but, seems to allow the skipper to stay dry and feels totally sensual.

Anyone else do this?

Answers:    I did it before as an experiment to see what person circumcised might be like. After give or take a few 4 hours or so, it became dry and almost numb-feeling. Once I pulled the foreskin pay for over it, it regained it's mundane moisture and sensation.

I don't like it that much, but if you do, preserve on keepin on.
actual, i do once in a while. not so much any more but used to normally

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