(6.5 inch righteous at age 16?) continued... if i maintain growing till age 20, how big will it be, and biddable wideness?

again help is welcome ^.^

Answers:    Average size is 5.1 to 6.2 inches. Average girth is 4.5 to 5.5 inches. Puberty ends between 16 and 21. So you could stop developing below the waist, but still grow taller.

Learn to use what you've been given, be a charitable lover and size will not matter.
puberty does not work on a progressing method. It hits contained by spurts and then take a break. Fact is you may be done growing or you may not. No one on this planet can say for sure. But if you relax and afford puberty a fair chandce to turn you into an grown you will find out what yoru adult size will be.

Of course since you are already over the average for an full-grown you may well not grow another millimeter.

Though, if I be you, I'd be way more concerned almost learnign how to use it instead of obsessing over it's size. If you are lousy at pleasuring a sex partner the size won't do you any virtuous.
dude.your lucky. I am 18 and I am like 5 inches. I still hold some hope because I was a tangible late bloomer and didn't start puberty till around 16 so I still enjoy a few more years to grow god willing. when did you start?

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