14 years of age and confused roughly puberty?

1'm 14 , male . I'm realy confused in the region of puberty .. I have little bit of pelt above my penis. my penis about in the order of 2inches. 4 when erected
I masterbated a few times and a little sperm comes out.
im 5 ft and my voice hasnt broke. and own no armpit hairs
can you please let somebody know me whats going on and when will i go through puberty?

Answers:    it sounds like you are surrounded by stage 2 of puberty. There are five stages and you go into stage 3 approximately 6-12 months after going into stage 2. Signs of stage 2 are the few hair and beginnings of sperm production. In stage 3, you will get qet a honourable bit more hair and your voice will open to break. The average age for reaching this stage is 14 and a half.

It's worth note that penis growth doesn't occur until stage 2 and carry on through the stages so you have a generous amount of growing time ahead of you. It will stop growing when you are approximately 18.

Your main year for growth (height) is 2 years after you started puberty. As I reflect on that you're in stage 2 I'm guessing that your growth year will be subsequent year.

good luck x
ur beggining to bring back ti tough

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