12 year outdated son request for information?

I have a son who have been doing his bed. He humps it and sperm comes out. I've be spying on him these days. He is going to draw from circumsized next summer. Is it okay? Will he be okay?

Answers:    You should tolerate him have his privacy and agree to him hump and whatever else contained by private.
As for circumcision, there is comparatively an argument about it immediately days, and a lot of individuals are against it. I would do a lot of research on the subject and also include him surrounded by on the research and the making of the decision.. He is still childlike, but getting him cut at 12 without his informed consent would be wrong. Also, why are you have it done at the age of 12 instead of when he was an infant ? Also, if you are wondering nearly whether it is ok and if he will be ok, it is obvious that you enjoy not asked the doctor enough question.
he is going to be fine.

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