Why do men touch/expose themselves surrounded by public?

Many times I have see decent learned men touch their peni*s in public. They will chisel it, lift it, move it to the other side and pinch the tip - adjectives in public. They simply surface no shame in this. Is this mandatory to do this - do they feel physical discomfort?

One sunshine when I was walking down a small road, a resourcefully dressed man unzipped, pulled his thing out and urin*ated - I could see his organ completely!! But he be not bothered.

When I was 11-12, my elder cousin (15) used to expose his organ to me and display it when we be alone...I used to run away..

Even my hubby and FIL wears merely boxers at home - so when they walk around or sit next to their legs up - their organ's shape or b*alls are visible and also flop up & down when they hoof it. Many times they will scratch it, or pinch the tip right surrounded by front of me, SIL or MIL. Again they feel no shame or embarassment. Why?

Are men genetically 'proud' of their organ and want to "show off" ??

Men and boys close to to show it off for us women. I own seen tons guys set in a stool and you could see their penis hanging out their shorts.

I close to this game tons of them play, they act approaching they don't know their penis is showing and sometimes they don't know, anyways I get a free show. As a girl I to enjoy had guys verbs it out to show me, and I like to see them. I deduce this is a big turn on for them, so enjoy the scene.
Sometimes when we get erections, it sometimes cause discomfort, so we have to adjust ourselves, and as for walking around surrounded by boxers, it gives us some time to stretch it out, as they can receive a bit squashed in when you wear jock straps during the hours of daylight.
(a) Sometime men need to shift he position of their penis. Specially contained by hot and humid countries, it sweats and feels itchy. It is terribly difficult to control such itch.

(b) Scratching also give bit of pleasure and to some extend it is within built to human brain. If you observe both manly and female child, you will see they scrape their private parts even at the age of 1 or 1.5 month.

(c) During puberty, tendency to expose increases contained by all humans, however contained by different forms in masculine and female. Male starts to hold erection and ejaculation by the age 12 and becomes aware that he is becoming primed to mate. Which lead to the movement to flash in front of girls. Many examples of it you see surrounded by nature.

(d) Humans, base on their upbringing learns to control this. But some don't. And surrounded by some surrounding it is not considered to be crude. For you it is simply a cultural differences.
well near are two things you can do
if that person is slim and devout looking just wallow in the show
or if that person is monstrous or crooked or wharever just give the brush-off the scene, there is nought wrong with them but here is something wrong with you for sneek peeking their private parts.

this is a moment ago like when you travel contained by a bus and lady subsequent to you has a child which screaming loudly and you pretend that the baby never exist.
sure men so proud of their penises, it is strong organ symbol for fertility contained by many culture,most of guys approaching the women's' face counterattack when see it
b/c the penis is AWESOME. u are just controlling u don't have a huge unwanted items set down there babe! just relish watching it u perv.
cause our ball and other thing achieve moved to an uncomfortable position and we own to move it, or it itches

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