A lil shaving proposal please!?

Basicaly i shaved the hair on my frontage, the cheek hair, and immediately i got loadsa little and big bumps!! It dont look virtuous, i usualy electric shave and its fine but mine broke and im broke so cant replace it yet, enjoy to wait for my dad to replace it :)

Umm my put somebody through the mill is, what is it? ( I think its ingrown hair cos i shaved the opposite direction the spine grows in, plus its not red and stinging) Any thinking how i can get rid of them swiftly?

Plus, i used gilette fusion, a fresh never-used blade, so i dnt no why my skin reacts resembling this!

Thanks guys

Answers:    Before shaving use hot water or a hot cloth on your frontage, this will open the pours and breed it loads easier. Then when your finished use cold water or cloth to sooth any blade burn and close the pours. I find shaving oil is channel better than foam or soap to shave.

It does sound similar to ingrowing hairs, they're a stomach-ache, you could try exfoliating them, either buy a product or fashion your own using a good frontage soap and some granulated sugar. mix it up in your mitt and rub it into your skin in little circles, survey out for your eyes, then only just rise it off beside warm hose.

Hope this helps.
other shave the direction the hair grows , shaving the other track is pulling the hair from the root and going away the bumps

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