68% motility .?

my fiance had his sperm checked because we are trying to concieve w/no luck. he first have his sperm checked in the dr's organization, the doctor claimed he saw some clumping? he had another audition done at the fertiliy specialist and the results came posterior he had a moral sperm count w/ 68% motlity rate? is this good or impossible? the doctor told us that it was okay because it be over 50%. what do yall think? i'm not sure what's average or below average

Answers:    This is righteous, as the higher the motility rate, the better unpredictability you have of getting pregnant

But what more or less you? How hostile is your environment? If your vaginal area is too caustic, it will kill those guys stale pretty quick
Ask him to ask the Dr. who carried out the testing? Hate to sound marked, but thats it...

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