14 & partly, penis size?

Im 14 and 6 months, its 4 inch when erect, normal? And i don't hold much underarm hair and no facial so im lately entering puberty, does that mean it will grow few inches?

Answers:    4" is impeccably normal. As you grow elder underarm & facial hair will grow, and your penis will become longer and thicker. Just permit nature filch its course.
You're within ordinary range. Keep contained by mind you have a long ways to shift before puberty is over. Go to this website - it will answer adjectives your questions. And yes, you will most indeed grow.


Good luck with the puberty >.<.
It'll grow...that's average...I read somewhere that the average penis size for boys ages 11-15 is just about 3 inches, so don't worry. You enjoy plenty of time.

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