**** ring make my boyfriend bleed?

After having sex using a vibrate **** ring my bfs urethra was bleeding slightly. Is this majority?

Answers:    No, it's not normal to own bleeding from the urethra. But it's not entirely unexpected any. The urethra can tear underneath the right conditions, tiny tears can happen if a guy jog without a jockstrap or get a little uninhibited in the bed. In this crust, the vibration be just a bit much for him. He should ideally run see the doctor tomorrow for a precautionary course of antibiotics to prevent an infection setting in. And I wouldn't recommend using the ring contained by the future. His urethra isn't going to toughen up, and will singular tear again. You will freshly have to find toys that are a moment or two less, resourcefully, active.
No method... Take him to the sexual health clinic! This is serious!

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