A friend of a friend is exhibiting the following symptoms ... what could they represent?

Confusion and confused speech (for example, thinking that a random motor parked on the street is hers ... suddenly declaring that she's pregnant after previously saying that she have not had sex within a long while), not wanting to be touched, a decline in hygiene, somewhat speedy weight loss, frequent spitting, period of lethargy and slow, "spacy" speech. There be also an incident of sudden religousness - while visiting an injured ancestral member, she suddenly declared that should would "pray for them" and sprinkled what she call holy water on the soul. She was not previously outwardly religious. She is a 22 year outdated female beside no history of physical or mental problems. These symptoms seem to own come on over the last 6 months. Has anyone have any experience with this set of symptoms?

I would guess that she have been experimenting near consciousness altering drugs.
Any possibilty of her having a "minor" stroke. Have her checked out by a neuoloist.
She may be within the prodromal phase of schizophrenia. She is at the right age for its development, and the symptoms you describe strongly suggest it. I STRONGLY ignite you to seek professional relief for your friend IMMEDIATELY.

You're a good friend to ask these question. Continue along this path by helping your friend return with the treatment she needs. There are some outstanding medication that may bring her great relief.

Hang surrounded by there,
Either she is on drugs or she is mentally bad. If you know her parents, speak to them. She needs help out.
Has she seen a psychiatrist? Schizophrenia repeatedly starts when the person is within his or her 20's. A brain tumor could also be the cause.
It's an interesting set of symptoms but across the world with extreme symptoms and problems next to perceiving the world, it has a susceptibility to be schizophrenia. She's suffering from delusions nearly what's around her and who she is. A clean CAT scan shows that it's not a physical problem but it could be a biochemical one. It's also almost standard for schizophrenia to "erupt" suddenly lacking any prior history, unlike most biochemical mental illness which is sometimes presented after that but actually is present since birth. Schizophrenia affects 1% of the population so that`s why it's far more common than you'd estimate. Help her to a mental health professional that can construct a proper assessment and hopefully some treatment plan to help her recuperate.

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