"If you could manufacture one positive redeploy to your each day duration, what would that change"?

tell the boy that like me that i liked him because even though i didnt approaching him, i ended up LOVING him the subsequent two months and he liked my friend =p
Eat healthfully EVERY hours of daylight.
be nicer to certain family.
I would get up hasty to do yoga
exercise daily
seize outdoors and walk
I would close to to be more religious. Religios people are more cheerful and closer to God. They are truly happy which is somethign one and only gievn by God.
I would be more grateful for the good things within my life instead of looking for the glum all of the time
I'd vary my underwear.
eating improved, and become less self centered
deletion my braces and MD forever. MD is muscular dystrophy and because of it i have to wear braces.
Start respectively day next to prayer, right now to quit smoking.
it would modify me. it would prove to me that no matter how desperate i felt or sorry for myself that i could still promote things if only contained by a small way. so I gross one positive step in my duration every day. i try to do a career i dont like or try to do something different or unusual
smile every light of day

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