(drugs)i dont want the helping paw answer..i want an answer from someone who know!?

Drugs..someone close to my heart uses drugs. but they blow it off as zilch...they not a hardcore addict or anytihng..but i dont similar to them on it at all...everytime i speak to them in the order of it...i get blown stale and convinced its nthing really...but how can i convince them that what they are doing is so selfish? Help me, expeically ancestors who have done drugs...backing

The truth is they will not stop using drugs until they want to stop using drugs. Addicts love thier drugs. They feel they inevitability thier drugs like humans inevitability air to breath. They create a false sense of trueness where they do not see the damage the drugs are doing to thier lives. There is no speech or quick fix to capture an addict to stop surrounded by most cases. Many people detail them over and over again they have a problem. A tragedy, vigour problem, or near miss such as an OD might be a wake up up call where on earth a proper intervention such as you and a doctor telling them they want help might push them to enter rehab or some other method to quit thier drug use.
Tell them this, If you want to be within the game of vivacity you must live straight. When you use drugs you cant even get within the gate.
agree to me get this right...you want a drug user to feel simpathetic of your sensations? not full blown, full blown, the only difference is you dont know the extent of his use. if he is only starting up it wont take long for it to rob hold. if its weed...ah, you cant do much about man pushed aside for an our or 2 for oreos and video games. if its coke...you need to express to him how much it hurts you when he uses and try to convince him to step inpatient for 28 days. might as well nip it within hte butt while it isnt bad. do trust me, coke addiction isnt fun. it goes from...dont verbs i only did a cupl lines at the inn, to i was individual out for a day, to your go falls apart while hes out for days at a time. if its heroin...pack up and get out of dodge explanation you usually dont come back from that one. a drug user isnt going to stop until they want to. thats it. the more you push the more its going to drive them to it. its kind of a childish subconsios piece you know? dont touch that its hot, then you'd touch it and receive burned. you can try but as long as he hangs around matching individuals and the same places he is going to do it. he might stop for a month but if he dosnt cahnge his vivacity and get invoved within a program he'll always back up going back. its discontented as f.uck, but real. i'm a recovering alcohlic. i be lucky enough to not to bring too deep into coke and i never did H but... i enjoy friends who would talk s.hit when i'd do a guiderail at a party 3 years ago, they tried it once and it be all over. they lost nearby job, crashed cars, go to jail. drugs are not fun. REHAB! steal them away from where they are and facilitate them change totally, or it isnt going to facilitate. its an absolute cahnge. you cant travel half approach w/ it. advice if he dosnt want to stir in. subsequent time he's under the influense telephone call the police and hav ehim arrested. tough love. but it'll show them that you'r serious and it'll give time to believe
You don't say what drug your friend/family partaker is doing. Look up the short and long term effects of that drug. Tell your friend that he or she will want a apposite job someday, and companies do milieu checks. Risk of arrest. Not sure how old you are, but drug charges effect college students to lose financial aid. Casual drug use kills empire every day... as for the chunk about that being being insensitive, that is on you. You enjoy to think in the region of how your relationship has changed, what losing that party means to you. Good luck
the party using drugs is not going to stop until he/she hits rock bottom. That person requirements to figure that out for themselves .They are not unkind, just addicted. You will not know how to convince them or anything like that. They aid about the drugs more after life itself right in a minute. The more nagging and complaining will make matter worse, so leave it alone, it is their choice, and they are the ones who are going to enjoy to suffer the consequences in the long run. That is the veracity .
I am a drug addict and from someone who know, you will probably not going to convince them it's selfish. There is also a arbitrariness they will turn into a HARDCORE ADDICT. I know this because I did not start out as a hardcore addict. It is really tough to allow this to yourself, however until they accept it's a problem zilch is going to help. Good Luck
A creature that takes drugs and abuse them , whether it is beleived is an addict, They donot hold to be hard core or a recreational user or a person specifically having trouble living the world they live contained by . Some people , when a situation that they donot want agreement with, will appropriate drugs ,so that they will not have to adopt the situation. It's like"hey, I will grab a pill and I will be aware of okay and more drugs that I take the smaller amount of the problems. Being an addict is one that abuse prescription drugs as well as sour the street drug. Your friend is in a no win situation and it seem as you are really concerned. In as much as your friend may love you, right now she have to have the drugs. I believe that you already know that. I donot regard as you are really convenced either or you would not be asking for guidance. I do know what you are talking more or less. Ipersonally talked near my friend and explained to her what the consequences of the drug abuse would be if she kept on using. I next told her that I could not watch her butchery herself. I told her that I loved her but I could not continue near the lies. I then have to distant myself from her.No matter how much you aid her life will not metamorphose until she admits it to herself and desires to help herself. If she is abuse prescription drugs, you could call the precribing doctor, but again, it depends on how you surface and what you are willing to take involved. You could suggest professional help, but if she doesnot focus she has a problem, adjectives you can do is at least try. I told my friend that I loved her and considered necessary to help but she have to want it.

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