14 years ripened boy playing beside beanie babies, should I be concerned?

He is very smart, but drastically immature for his age. He act like a toughy kinda kid. He doesn't enjoy alot of friends, he says everyone annoys him. He hang out at home mostly. If he does go out near a friend, the friend is usually younger and they play. (run, jump on the trampoline,spy, wrestle) Yesterday I walk in to find him playing next to his beanie babies. I didn't say anything but you could notify he was a moment or two embarrassed. I a moment ago don't know if I should seek psychotherapy. Will he mature?

Hey, I'm 24 years weak and I still play with my Beanie Babies, Barbies, Legos, etc. Does that create me strange? Not a chance.

I can completely relate near how your son is feeling. I'm not dead set against being friends near people my own age but I tend to not agree next to many of their positions or opinion of life.

Last hours of darkness I had a discussion near a friend about this thoroughly topic actually. He agrees near me that our generation and those younger than us, are holding on their youth as long as possible and aren't ashamed of carrying it over into their womanhood. He is turning 27 on Sunday and is one of the biggest kids I know.

Your son just requests a little sustain finding his place in the world, he will find it in the future. For now though, agree to him enjoy his youth, be it playing next to Beanie Babies or football with a group of boys his age.
I reason he has Michael Jackson-itis.

Yes, you better capture him some help. QUICK!

this society make you beleive that things like tha tare in actuality bad
they are not!!
he is a commonplace, okay, healthy boy next to actual feelings unlike those other ones
You could mention your verbs to your doctor.
Kids grow at their own pace. I dont deliberate that seeking therapy for him because he get along better with younger children or because he plays near beanie babies is necesary and I think that will only make him grain ashamed and embarassed of who he is. Let him grow up at his own pace.
Children are growing up so swift now a days. I wouldn't verbs, let him delight in his childhood . Now if he starts playing with guns or watching disorderly movies then please by adjectives means verbs. Enjoy him being a child he will grow up sooner after you think. Don't kind him feel mortified in his own home, next you will give him confidence issues.
What's wrong near playing with beanie babies. The consistency squishy, they are cute, they are mostly animals, and perhaps they provide a independent source for him to problem solve with. Let him enjoy his beanie babies. I likem too, and I'm an adult. Have you considered letting him enjoy a living pet like a cat or a dog for companionship and comfort?
Would you a bit have him playing next to dynamite, or handguns,or who know what. Be happy and wallow in your child because believe me, tomorrow he will be grown up and gone. Enjoy life and delight in your son.

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