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i had an ed finishing year because i was REALLY depressed almost my looks nd i would constantly put myself down about EVERYTHING. i hold it this year (its bulimia, and im not a skeleton like those models. im not obese or overweight, newly curvy and im also in my impulsive teens) but i basically dont do it anymore. i still discern REALLY tempted to verbs doing it cuz i was getting slimmer and i looked nicer (NOT skeleton either). but im really depressed on the inside and i put on a camouflage on the outside. im not sure if im depressed but i think i might own bdd. i constantly critique and put myself down abput stuff and i obsess over specific stuff when citizens tell me that zilch is wrong. DO I HAVE BDD AND DEPRESSION? should i tell my mom<---nobody know that i had an ed except for my sis nd she never told my mom (im worried she might yell at me and transport me into a deeper depression state of mind. ) what should i do about this? im anxious cuz i keep considering suicide but cant ever be in motion through with it

I expect that the first step to solving your problem or even getting help for it is to relay your mom what's been going on. I know that right in a minute that seems approaching such a huge risk, but I think that you should consider your sister as very well in this situation. By asking her to hang on to you disorder and depression a secret, may incentive trust issues later. Parents and guardians are put on this globe to help us and guide. And no they don't other do it the way we would approaching them to, but it's only because they love us.

Second, I reason you need to digit out what triggered your disorder and depression? Did a major event, close to a death of a close loved one effect this or what? Also, as part of this second step I feel that you should certainly desire medical help. To reckon that you can battle this problem alone or lacking medical supervision is not wise. While you might not be skeleton skinny right very soon at some point you get that opening.

And third, I think that keeping a account or making a personal support group will help closely. Journals are a positive way to return with out depression and anger without doing make worse to our bodies or others. Take the time to write down what is really upsetting you. And having family who you know are going to build you up and give you positive feedback is great too. You should other surround yourself with family who make you perceive stronger and not weaker.
yes u need to discuss to a doctor about getting u on medication to make u better.
You must remember populace can die from bulimia!
plz dont! Remember you are a beautiful natural life and you dont need bulimia to report to you that. remind yourself you are beautiful.
You want to tell your mother so she can capture you some help. Builemia is zilch to mess around with i lost two friends to that and it's glum. Also everyone is there own critique but be the hardest on ourselfs. Your mom should be understanding it's not your glitch it's the depressions fault. Please hope help not a soul should have to accord with this. And your sis should enjoy told on you since you shouldn't be doing that. I hope you tell your mother. Good luck!!!
i know it's complicated hang contained by there i battle anorexia for three years along with bulimia. i hold suffered from depression for 10 years. the best thing i ever did be tell my mom, she took me to the doc and talk to him with me she still help me get over fruitless times just hold your pave the way up things will be ok as far as getting over an eating disorder believe within yourself and become happy next to your size count how many times empire say your pretty don't blow them rotten say thank you later tell yourself that you are pretty you will carry to where you inevitability to be hang contained by there
moral luck and best wishes

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