A interview going on for strange dreams ~ please sustain!?

Since the shotting at Va. Tech I've been have weird dreams. Such as the first: It be night time and some folks broke into our house and my dad came out of his room and give me a gun than left. So I be left to depend myself near a gun. This as happened several times since the shotting. Its not duplicate dream every night, It's different folks and they come in the house to do different things. Can you inform me why?

I suppose it is possible that somewhere in the fund of your mind, you are recognizing that we are mortal beings that are adjectives to bad situations. It is also pretty commonplace, when something this tramatic happens that we start to personalize the situation. I would recommend if this continues for much longer you may want to speak near your doctor or a counsellor about this. It may assist to discover what it is exctly that you are feeling. Take thought.
You are probably feeling adjectives in your own home - university is supposed to be a safe place, newly like your home.
It sounds approaching you have a just now developed fear that somthing will develop to you similar to the va tech incident. That incident scared and shocked alot of nation and created alot of new fears that they never have before. The best preference to do is talk to a close ethnic group memeber or friend someone you trust and will make you consistency comfortable. Talk to them and get everything out explain to them about your dreams and just about how you feeling, everything. You hopefully will start to get the impression better once you talk things out beside someone. I hope things get better :o)
You're are purely seeing the Va Tech shootings and information about it one aired on TV since. Dreams are usually about things we encounter during the daylight or something that acts as a subtle reminder. If you hold been following teh shootings and the report and everything --- well, there's your answer. I wouldn't verbs about it too much if I be you. It doesn't mean anything...
This is a remote possibility, but within some people who hold had PTSD, even after they obtain better, they can have nightmares of previous traumatic events retriggered by something contained by the present. If something like this in reality happened contained by the past, you will want to examine how you are doing contained by other areas of PTSD or speak to your doctor to make sure you aren't have a recurrence.

On the other mitt, if the nightmare never actually happen, this is all moot...
Probably a site close to http://www.ihadadreamlastnight.com... will help you out. There is like mad of content regarding dreams here

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