"What is it when a personage is extremely junky?"?

The person accumulate a lot of dissertation,books, doesn't like to verbs up.

They are pack rats. Been there, done that. I close to a tidy home but my husband refuses to throw stuff out. It is soooo degrading! I like to verbs and my house is not dirty, just full of crap. Hate it!
Hi Archie,

I dream up people gain Junky because that is how they quality inside and the mess on the outside is a reflection of that and not so much something like being stagnant.

If someone doesn't like them self extremely much or they feel resembling a mess and disorganized, then the result will be that they are going to live approaching one big mess and I know because I have be there until that time. It is a form of self-destructive behavior when the mess is constant and really bad because it is resembling believing that, that is adjectives you deserve - to live in a mess.

Hope I enjoy helped, but this is the honest answer.
Well Archie,I would hold to say "LAZY". You own a nice day. Bye Bye in a minute

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