13 year old/ Anxiety attack?

My daughter called from institution feeling adjectives anxious, crying and shaking and she said she can't stop shaking and she swears no one have threatened her & she didn't have an fray with anyone. She is panicky because she never experienced the shaking before. Now their schoo purely got done state trialling recently. She is contained by 8th grade. Am going to pick her up. What do you ponder it wrong?

In my opinion...I remember when i be 13 and it was a intensely difficult time for me..for what reason I'm still unsure...enviroment, social pressure, growing pains. Could be various factors. I am masculine but human the best thing is to monitor the behavior and ofcourse unstop communication but not to make it to complicated for her. I'm a immensely spiritual person and here is a lot of evil surrounded by the world that could be affecting her without her fluency...Love and Compassion helps...I'll pray for your daughter..nick care
shae think that she didn't pass the trial so she is scared that if she didn't elapse you are going to be mad at her so she doesn't want the results to come vertebrae at her wrong so she is scared
She is freshly nervous roughly speaking something thing she bllows it process out of line!
wow thats really abnormal. But maybe she's of late experiencing some things in hre energy right now that r cause this abnormal shaking. I quality really bad for her tho.
I would guess she may hold had a hysterics attack they can come at any age. Get some tests done it could be alot of things not newly the pressure of tests. Like her thyroid gland etc..
It could newly be major nerves from the tryout, or she could have an anxiety disorder. The best point to do is talk to her once she calm down to see if this is something that has happen to her before. If it have, and it starts to interfere with her day by day life, afterwards you two might want to consider a prescription like Xanex and also see a psychoanalyst.

However, some people are readily anxious and can learn to control the nerves beside age. I have an anxiety disorder (I've have it for as long as I can remember) but I choose to not be on meds and have intellectual to supress my symptoms on my own (for the most part - still working on it, it will be a life-long struggle).

The best point to do right away is just natter to her and find outy as much as you can. Don't act accusingly, newly be nurturing.

She'll be fine either passageway. Many people suffer from anxiety. It can really play next to you mentall and physically, and it only get as bad as you agree to it.
I go through this adjectives the time. I have horrible anxiety. I can keep under surveillance COPS and start having an anxiety attack. I know mine have to do with anyone 19 and stressed out. It has deeply to do with hormones. I started have mine when i was a moment ago about 13. She is getting elder. Life is getting tougher. She is going to get profusely more and all you can do is help yourself to her to see someone to help her through it. I started seeing a counselor... Not a psychiatric therapist or psychiatrist. just a counselor and it help me a lot.

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