A relatives extremity of mine be given electric shock treatment over twenty years ago for depression?

she was deppresed because she couldn`t own children. after the treatment she was a totally different being. She became unpromising tempered, heartless, reclusive, couldn`t trust anybody and much more. Why would such a barbaric (i won`t say treatment) be permitted, i have see the damage this cause first hand.

ECT is still not fully hidden but is thought to have something to do beside re-aligning the neuro-transmitters in the brain.

It is still used contained by the UK today but is under much stricter control within terms of who receive it. It is given to people who own not been help with any other method such as medication and other therapy.

People receiving it are given a common anaesthetic and have a muscle relaxant. It is zilch like it is portrayed within films like One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest today.

It works for heaps people even today showing a flawless level of positive response.

A adjectives side effect is memory loss, short and/or long term. I own never heard of it shifting someones mood to become bad temper although it may be possible.
its what they thought was best at the time we appear to have moved on from within thank god but there will still be family out there who go through it
It sounds to me like yore discussion about ECT (Electro Convulsive Therapy). When it be used, as you say, 20 years ago, it be notfully understood how the treatment effect the brain or anatomy,other than its profound psychological effects. I can get the drift your desciption of the treatment as barbaric, however patients ar often eleviated of depressive symptoms fairly than making the symptoms worse, unfortunately this freshly may sometimes be the case. Fortunately i believe that ECT is immediately illegal surrounded by ENgland and can no longer be usd, however it is still allowed in other countries, ie the USA
Funnily satisfactory, there are race who have benefited so much from previous ECT sessions that when they sense their depression is spiralling raging again, they actually request to own it ... And it works for them ... I've witnessed this first-hand ... during my time working in psychiatry ...

HOWEVER ... it seem to have cause more harm than apposite in your relative's baggage ... which is very grief-stricken ... and I'm sorry to hear that x
This treatment is still used today and my nan had electric shock treatment for her depression and it help her ... they were considering giving my sis duplicate treatment... Maybe not being competent to have kids artificial her more than she ever let on and become that way ....
they didnt know any better, it is still used but works mostly on patients who are not really sick if you know what i show
This can be very difficult for our society to apprehend as we have changed so much over the twenty years. Unfortunately nearby are still people who are suffering from this (treatment??), and nearby is no way to facilitate these poor people. I hope they find peace and a channel to get through their ordeal.
I offer a different angle on this. I have have ECT a couple of times and it has help tremendously.

Years ago, they did not know what they were doing. They did not furnish muscle relaxants and the shocks were longer. Today, the shocks are brief and a muscle relaxant is given to prevent the body from have a seizure.

Most individuals that have have this treatment today will tell you, it save their lives. Science has come ALONG road and we understand more roughly speaking how to properally give the shocks.

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