1 more anxiety disorder interview?

if u read my last press u know i was not long diagnosed. one of the worst symptoms i have though is my throat closing up. it feel closed up pretty much all the time. in that is no pain so i know it isn't strep throat or anything similar to that but i feel similar to when i eat i'm going to choke on my food. any suggestions on how to acquire rid of this one particular symptom. i'm skinny ample so i really need to get through but am i doomed to just soft foods until i grasp better? ty so much everybody who has help me through this so far. u guys are really great!

You hav eto learn to focus away from the anxiety symptoms. Right presently your porbably worried that every time you eat something your throat will close frome your hysterics. So you are causing it to develop. It's called non-spontanious nouns. It's when you trigger it by thinking it will happen. I be diagnosed with frenzy disorder in May of 1998. Wow, it rough within the beginning, but I've come a long instrument since then. Don't verbs, it gets easier. Are you on meds, and contained by therapy? I hope so, it help. Because of therapy, I've be med free for 4 years now. I've intellectual to manage frenzy without it. Hang within there.
I don't know what your diagnosis be or anything , but ...sounds like to me that if you can grasp soft foods down .... then perchance if and when you eat at any one sitting ...purloin your time ....chew your food until its masticated completely ...small bites ....lots of chewing .....its truly much better for your digestion system anyway ......good luck
I reflect you really should see a doctor if its that bad It may own nothing to do near anxiety unless your shrink told you it is Gargling with thaw salt river might help a bit I have a discouraging throat too Too bad I used to smoke
You should explain what your problem be from your previous question . Please rewrite it or find your give somebody the third degree and copy paste it here . I hope you would be better . Take watchfulness. . . .: :: : : : : .
Valium or xanax benzodiazipine drugs that calms, help with sleep, relaxes muscles, and best of adjectives treats anxiety . Be careful they can be craving forming as they make you get the impression good. Antidepressants may also be prescribed for their anti anxiety properties but instinctively i wouldnt take them, tried em and they mess next to your head and they suck, merely my opinion. Hope you receive better.
i read your Arlie comment and yes that can be apart of it. also with anxiety.....you enjoy to Lear the berating exercises to get you threw them when you enjoy one OK.you just sit support and breath out slowly and then rob a regular breath in and repeat that for rather while it will get better you,r breathing to be exact now the swallowing article i get that alto when i hold a anxiety attack it is very fear-provoking. but get something cold to drink and it should give a hand ya thew it i promise. but also there is medication you can acquire put on to help ya out on a Daile idea. because it can get worse and next to anxiety you also get stress and stress can eliminate a person. so Pl check into getting facilitate ask you,r doctor if you can get put on something for anxiety and depression and stress OK. fitting luck Hun its a miserable thing to live next to but after you get started on medication and swot up the breathing techniques you should do very well OK
get tested for GERD-Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease

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