*sigh* what am i to do?

i'm depressed (as if i wasn't always)

what do you do to cheer yourself up when you're depressed

I smoke a cigarette or ride my bike to town. Or just chitchat with a friend is the best style to go. Feel free to e-mail if you grain depressed again if you like.
have a chat to someone. i'm here if u need me [email protected] walk to a park and meditate.pray. try walking and music.
Walking is a good path to regain perspective.
Watch television. It other helps me when I want a break from the real world.
First of adjectives don't talk to a stranger. Like the soul above giving you his email address. Don't even respond to that. Talk to someone you KNOW. If you're a teenager here are many hotlines to appointment. Talk to your friends, family. If I'mm depressed I study a movie and think in the region of the positive things in my energy. Watch a good comedy it will get you feel better if lone for a little while. I find depressed alot too but I deal next to it. I sometimes write my feelings down and I wind up up making myself feel better after a touch. Good Luck!
u listen to music ( i recomend my chemical romace) but u listen to w/e floats ur boat
Go for a drive, a walk, listen to music, keep under surveillance some Friends (always works for me!) or some other comedy you like, chomp through some chocolate (not too much!) call a friend. If this doesn't lend a hand or you really are depressed a lot, you might involve help for adjectives this. Serious, true depression is not something you can just snap out of. It requires intervention and abet. Good luck.
find some time when you have really nothing else to do, turn up the music really loud and hop around, or go on a tramp, or throw yourself into a complicated activity approaching a sport or something, and think in the region of good things.
try to pinpoint exactly whats bothering you, so you don't hold to be depressed about everything.
i turn the music up loud, ANY music, collectively have a apposite cry, and then simply sing as I do something constructive.and being constructive can denote all sorts of things, cleaning, looking at pictures, cooking or baking cookies (and after eating them adjectives of course), going through my clothes and deciding which things to donate )or toss).skylight shop on line... give the name my sister and chat........
I call Friends & Family or anyone beside apositive attitude!

Dance Hard, Laugh Loud, Love Strong!

Turn on good music, sing to your heart content!
i completely suggest walking!! omg! i know where your coming from because most of the time i am usually "going thru it" as i lik to influence but I'm in college and i put your foot around the entire campus lik 3 times to get my mind bad of things! it's also a way to stay well!!
I have depression.. the simply best thing I found is sleeping. or listen to some good music help too
Do something spontanious, When I am having a bleak day or when I surface dpressed or fatigued, I often in recent times yell out a great big "YAH_HOO". I own done this so much at work that now I get hold of an Echo from around the shop. In a store (If they are playing music) I will find an elderly person or a kid or any other
shopper and start off dancing to the music, and every once surrounded by a while I can get other shoppers to waltz too; this is quite a hoot, especially to the surveilance and managers. One time I get an 72 year old female to shake it up with me contained by a crowded walmart, and people be watching and in the expiration we were adjectives laughing and smiling. Don't think on the unenthusiastic,
I refer to this as stinkin' Thinkin, think on the positive side of things, and when the negative are there, construe outside the box and do something Fun and spontanious.
when im mad i verbs my entire house, with music blasting easier said than done. i find it to relieve stress!
Just a personal thing, I close to to go to the shopping arcade, and even if I dont have any money on me, I will shift and pick out a bunch of stuff, often crazy stuff and try it on surrounded by front of the mirror. If I am not tight on money at the time, I may even buy myself something, just dont attain to addicted to the buying part.

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