A Disorder Mentioned contained by the tube series 'Doc Martin'?

Right at the end of the closing episode of Season 2 of Doc Martin, the doctor accused Louisa of suffering from a important disorder that involves women falling for older men. What be the name of the disorder?

Well specified "syndrome" yes.. i have no view of any psych term for it..so let make one up shall we kiddies...
The Greek for ripened is pallios..
The Greek for man is ..Andron..
The usual Greek ending for a disease is...itis...
And for a syndrome ..ism...
So Palliosandronitis...ism...how does that nouns?
Christ i should go and find a proper undertaking...like a Palliosandronitisismologist!
haven't see the show but how about gold ingots digger syndrome
I do not know this disorder but there is a scam out on disorders to get rid of a lot of pills you should know roughly it
doc martin is a type of shoe and bob martin is a pill that you get at the vet for enhancing the condition of dogs fur so possibly its fur syndrome?woof woof

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