?'s more or less strength?

why do people tend to thrive w/ stress or pressure,while others tend to buckle or collapse below the same pressure?

If you have a friend who was thinking of suicide, How Hould you relieve him?

2 questions, first one is nearby are 2 type of people the takers and the doers. finishing question, carry the person aid or drive them to a hospital before he does something stupid!
Say: "I be just give or take a few to do my relaxation session, want to join me?" You sit comfortably within a darkened room for 20 minutes, focusing on 1 lighted candle (can be scented, or you can use his favorite incense [have a test handy, like sandalwood. or pine, or jasmine, and plain candles, too], or essential oil [a burner is required]) The important entity is to focus your concentration on your breathing, preferably through the nose, concentrating adjectives your awareness on the feeling of the atmosphere entering and leaving your body, as you regularly breathe within and out, in and out,surrounded by and out........as you focus your gaze on the candle. Try to achieve him to do that with you at first, after by himself (give him a candle, etc.). See: http://www.relax7.com/7.php and www.depression.com/- and http://www.beattheblues.info/? and go for a 30 min saunter with him, except daily, at tiniest several times a week, and invite him to eat a nutritious collation with you, as depressed population often do not win proper nutrition. Ask him if he has see a doctor about his problems, and utter that you think it would be a big minister to, because there might be an inequality of some substances like serotonin within his brain, which they have medication for.

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