A deeply tramautizing event?

When I was surfing, I smelled some really awful smell. The smell be very impossible. I didn't know what it was coming from. so I continued to surf. Everyday, it used to not smell approaching that. Then when I fell off my surfboard, at hand was a human corpse that I land on. I was so freaked out and anxious. I'm not sure how am I going to live that moment down. Any advice on getting over such event?

u might want to hang around a while be4 going surfing again.
When i was 13 i found my 8 week behind the times baby nephew unresponsive, even up until this day it still haunt me and I'm 22 so i understand how you discern. People say discussion about it, getting strait wager on on the bike again,writing about it and adjectives of that crap that is easier said than done from nation who have no hypothesis how messed up you can feel but the solely advise i can provide is that you just get to ride it out accept how you quality about it adopt that its OK to feel the course you do and over time the feelings and similes start to fade they will never leave but they will perceive less powerful after time. I would move about and visit the grave of the individual and have a chat put in the picture them how you feel you be both in it together and they will be contained by your mind for the rest of your life. You will never catch over it it is a memory in nearby forever but you can choose to accept it and try to verbs from it. good luck

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