A little shy?

For the past few years i've developed problems beside depression and anxiety. I get terrified in crowds of folks and feel close to everyone is judging me and laughing at the rear my back. I own self esteem issues as well and its starting to lug a toll on my realationship with my long time boyfriend. i cant put away or look in the mirror sometimes. Other times i enjoy mood swings that one second im fine and the next im crying or foolish about the littlest article. This isnt who i am and i want to be normal again.

you are so not alone.

which isn't really going to fix your problems, but I find it beneficial to know that I'm not the only one who feel crazy!

have you talk to your b/f about your state of mind? Or a friend or family contributor?

Sounds like you necessitate a serious dose of happy, and that's something that single you can decide to supply into your life. Pick an jaunt and go for it this weekend - reread a book you loved as a kid, volunteer at a local animal shelter, dangle out with a younger sibling, start a review, write a story, make dinner for your own flesh and blood, start taking a yoga or dance class or jump for a run. You just gotta motivate yourself to append a little bit of devout into each moment of the time whenever you possibly can. And talking to family will open you up to other philosophy and perspectives too - and relief you not feel so "not normal". if you are terrified by your anxiety or depression, go to your local bookstore and grasp some books on these topics. i found educating myself very motivating. it really puts the bubble in your court to do what you can to modernize your days. good luck! and when everything else fail I close my eyes and breathe reeeeaaaal slow 10 times. crying, yelling, freaking out, everything slows down along near your heartrate when you control your breathing.
You need to bring back in touch near God!
talk to a doctor give or take a few it, he/she can probably give you tips give or take a few what to do.
You probably have social anxiety and low self-esteem.

This isn't a huge problem. I know it sounds sharp when someone gives you this guidance, but I still have to influence it...try seeing a therapist. Therapists can work out these problems next to you.
My belief is that you can't always trust everyone but you can other trust yourself. Take time to find yourself again. Relearn who you are and what makes you thankful. Write little things that you like roughly speaking yourself and thins that you are good at and cassette them to your mirror or front door so that you can remind yourself how great you can be.
look at your self you just disappeared a message saying you would burn someone house down and murder their dog and disfigure them!!! really you have issues what category of person are you??
stop looking contained by the mirror look inside you thats where the problem is!!!

  • Has anyone be on promazine? will it sustain my anxiety and sleep?
  • I have need of deeply of answers!?
  • Does speaking with the samaritans help?