*self harm/*?

when people self impair do they cut so much that it bleeds or do they just digg contained by far enough so it freshly dosnt bleed?

There is no correct way, they do it to the effect that it make them feel apt. They may bleed they may not. It depends on the person. There is no right means of access to cut yourself. The person who bleeds isn't anymore emotionally unstable than the personage that doesn't.

It's instant gratification to make them self touch better. It's not a meticulously planned out practice. It's very natural.
no it has to bleed
Cut so much it bleeds
thats the residence kids call relations "emos" standing for emotional
self impair can be anything that causes damage to that person. so i would say-so cut so it bleeds. some people that dont cut burn them selves so it take may forms.
Self harm is a possession that describes a variety of ways race hurt themselves. Some people cut, cut into, hit themselves, bite, bruise, break bones, OD, burn.. and the list go on.

Most self-injurers do cut to bleed.. but not all.

And "emo" have nothing to do beside self-injury. The term is Self Injury (SI)
I don't know it depends on the personage and how much they're wiling to harm themselves, some don't thinking and just hold on to going because of the emotionla anguish they feel inside others aren't winter sport enough to draw blood
it have been found, empire do bleed or hurt themselves have a thoughtful feeling of low worth or be treated that way and can not switch or feel they should be joyous, someone hurt them and they have this sense they are low and things makes them, within a way cry for assist, even if they do not think so.

Babies cry when nil is wrong to get close to moms and dads, this is equal way Adults do it, but to appear strong then lacklustre.

to answer your questions adjectives depends how low they feel, to hurt/cut ot bleed, different stanges of harder morale.
it can be done either course.depending on how the person feel...if they dont care probability are they will cut until they bleed...but if they're like me (yes i cut) some empire are scared to cut untill they bleed so they lone do it until it leaves a visible chisel
it would bleed a lot
i self spoil. i often cut so it bleeds, but don't close to the sight of much blood so i merely cut so it bleeds slightly. sometimes it doesn't bleed at all. sometimes i in recent times use my nails to chisel myself - it's more about the headache for me, though i prefer it if it leaves a lasting spot (though not a scar.)

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