A grill nearly zoloft ? please lend a hand?

I think i am going to progress on zoloft. If you have have or are currently on zoloft.....

a) how large be your doses? 25/50/100, etc.?
b) how frequently did you have to give somebody a lift it? ex. once a day, twice a hours of daylight, etc.
c) how much does your pharmacy charge per pill? please no copay amounts

thank you

ahhhhhh i had one foot on the other and immediately the other foot is numb
i was on zoloft, i have to take it once a daylight. that's all i remember.

I wouldn't suggest it; for me, it didn't give support to any and it made me dead tired adjectives the time
You start off beside 25mg dose for seven days and then increase, usually to 50mg and if that doesn't seem to be enough, later your doctor will prescribe a higher dose.
Usually you filch it once a day, but if you're on a highly developed than 50mg dose, you can break it in two and lug some in the morning, some surrounded by the evening.
Not sure about the cost, but you can nickname your local pharmacy and ask them.
I took zoloft after my first daughter was born but that be like 13 years ago. I don't remember how much I took. It's best to ask the doctor. I presume I took one a day. I don't know how much they charge per pill but it's not expensive. It's a docile pill but remember this, you can't just STOP taking it! You hold to wean yourself off it or you'll draw from these head shocks. They have a feeling strange! Feels like this little tiny electric shock so you hold to wean yourself VERY carefully stale these pills. Go see a doctor! Also I have to say-so that zoloft helped me a GREAT business deal. If it hadn't of been for zoloft at the time along beside healthier intake, I might not be here today!
Here are good prices on generic:
You can also capture the brand Zoloft from there too.

I have no negative side effects and if truth be told don't remember the dosage. I would suggest starting out low and working up.
It took about 2 weeks to start helping.

I started taking Cymbalta instead because it help with fibromyalgia aching.

Also, Zoloft will NOT cause you to die as someone else said. That is really irresponsible to cause unnecessary verbs. Antidepressants are very past the worst and probably should be over the counter. You do NOT need a psychiatrist to diagnose depression; you pretty much know it yourself. Any physician can write a prescription for Zoloft.
You should win a psychiatrist to descuss doses and whether you should have this drug.

If you bring back it wrong, you will most likily get it wrong and may find very sick or die.

Secondly, you may not need to drug and you may breed your self iller.

Also, drugs often interact next to many other drugs which can decimate.

These have to be assesed by a professional.
I know someone who took 50 mg once a hours of daylight. He had to travel off it; it turned him into a zombie.
The generic is Sertraline hydrochloride. At Wal-Mart the full price is roughly $90 for a 30 day supply. If you own insurance, generics have a exceptionally low co-pay.
I was on it a long time ago, formerly there be a generic. It was close to $130 for a 30 day supply of 50's. The price be more DEPRESSING than anything else, so I stopped after about 4 months. I get a script for the generic not long ago, but haven't filled it nonetheless. I don't think I will.
I don't own depression anymore either. How did I give a hiding it? Eat better (more proteins, eat lean beef) and exercise. Better than any pill.
Personally and professionally I feel Zoloft is an excellent drug and I was on it for years at 200mg per hours of daylight. Dosing is started at 50mg per day (except within the elderly where it is started at 25mg and increased within this amount due to metabolic factors) and increased in 50 mg amounts until healing efficacy is reached-the ceiling dose is 200mg per day. Some citizens respond at 50mg, most show some improvement at 100mg but most call for 150mg to achieve clinical effect. The full dose is taken once per afternoon and in the am as initial side effects can motivation insomnia. Taking it with food can minimize mild nausea that sometimes accompany it in the first few weeks, but these symptoms usually disappear after a couple weeks. Therapeutic response is recurrently evident after 1 week, but usually after 2 weeks and full benefit is realize at 4 weeks.
The price varies significantly by pharmacy depending on their formulary, but the generic form, sertraline, is cheaper.
Zoloft is taken once a time. The goal dose is 50mg, but you'll as a rule start a 25mg, and then move the 50mg.
Do you want the cost of the brand or generic?
The cost of a 50mg Zoloft tablet is in the order of $3.10.
The cost of a 50mg generic tablet is about $2.50.
The price can change depending at what pharmacy you go to. Also, the price will change if you have a different strength.

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