A own flesh and blood beneficiary be diagnosed next to bipolar disorder & be given "INVEGA" for treatment....?

does anyone have any expreiance near either the drug or the syndrome... it says "INGEA" is for schizophrenia, is bipolar a short time ago another name for it??

Schizophrenia and Bi polar disorder are different things. Sometimes medication can be used for different disorders, for example Paxil is for anxiety disorder but can be used to treat depression. My ex girl friend is bi polar and I must say that it's not pleasant a moment ago try to be patient near them. Keep them on the medication it's the only bearing to manage their moods, otherwise they might downfall up hurting someone or themselves.
im not sure about that one, but my boyfriend have bi polar disorder and is on abilify, it seems to work dutiful.
No it is NOT another name for schizophrenia but they could be on that med because they enjoy psychosis problems when they are in a manic phase(meaning REALLY REALLY up, opposed tho the depressive piece which is REALLY REALLY DOWN) You can learn more in the region of this disorder of the brain all over the internet. Just explore for it by name.
Invega (I believe it purely became available end month in the US) is a massively new anti-psychotic medication indicated for schizophrenia, however it is adjectives practice to prescribe anti-psychotics for Bipolar Disorder when in the manic phase. Invega is a cousin to Risperdal but is touted as have fewer side effects, but it is particularly new.
i go on the web and found you a page on your query here is the link,www.medicinenet.com/schiz...

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