A quiz in the order of my brain?

does anyone know wht causes you to snigger uncontrolably when you take lsd even if it isnt even funny i took some ultimate night and laugh for about 5 hours solid how come what does it do to your brain

It simply does the same things as like mad of drungs, it releases a poison into your body and the bodies chemical reaction to it is what give you the trip / high. It hopefully won't do any continuing damage, but the problem is that Lysergic tart diethylamide (LSD) cannot be broken down by the body, so it stays in your system until you die. This is why some population suffer 'flashbacks' years after taking LSD as the chemical remains in your system - although flashbacks are unlikely unless you enjoy done the drug repeatedly. There is also eveidence to suggest that continued and prolonged use of LSD (as happened within the 1960's) can leave the user near mental health issues such as chronic paranoia and schizophrenia. But as far as I'm awarem it have no real defile to physical brain and the reason for your glee was purely the affect it had on you this time, subsequent time you may have a 'bad' trip which is primarily like living a nightmare you can't stir up from for a few hours. Telling you the truth, every bad entry that has ever happen to me, has happen because of alcohol, never because of drugs.
it fu*ks your brain up.
LSD is remarkably non-toxic, has no set adverse physical after-effects, other than fatigue and a memorable sensation of mind-expansion.

However, LSD is a powerful mental amplifier. If you are feeling depressed, anxious, sick at the world, at the feature of modern television, at rampant consumerism, at energy in common, do not take LSD

LSD's effects and your repercussion to them are strongly determined by set and setting. Set is your mindset when taking the drug; setting is where you are.

The LSD effect make you enormously sensitive to your environment. You should other be in a sheltered, comfortable environment, preferably with a friend you trust. The greater you fly, the safer must be the landing arrangements. Many users recommend being outside, contained by a beautiful setting within nature.

We cannot reinforce this adequate: this is not a drug to be taken arbitrarily.

bad trips
The most infamous peril from taking LSD is the 'bad trip' when the experience turns frightening and traumatic. You can find out more about fruitless trips and how to avoid them on our page here.

Of all psychedelic drugs, LSD probably have the highest potential for creating discouraging trips, thanks to its sheer power and the impossibility of judge the dose of street LSD. Also, LSD can bring buried and repressed unconscious substance into conscious awareness. This can be traumatic and frightening if unexpected.

Most individuals who have experienced a discouraging trip do not touch the drug again. Experienced users and 'hard heads' accept that fruitless trips as part of the domain.

Street LSD varies massively contained by quality. Heat, nouns and light adjectives degrade LSD and here is no way of recitation how much you're getting on a single blotter.

On average, today's tabs transport between 40 (low dose) and 150 micrograms of LSD (medium dose).

IMPORTANT: Always wait at smallest two hours before decide the LSD is not working. The come-up spell can take this long. Do not transport another tab. You may well train up in a dimension not of your choosing.

don't do it alone
Tripping alone for the first time is imprudent. An experienced and trusted friend should either be your tripping partner, or should abstain and perform as a sober sitter or guide to be around and help you if you get hold of into troubled waters.

be in a nice place
If you're going to trip, please do it surrounded by a pleasant and serene environment. No phone calls. No company. Be near to temperament or surround yourself with attractive plants, pictures, fruit, and other such d├ęcor. Have a screening of beautiful music in reach to enhance the mood and give a hand you relax.

If you are dosing with friends, ensure you adjectives take indistinguishable amount, at the same time, within full view of everyone else. This will fade away any chance of paranoia and ensure you are adjectives on the same stratum.

Flashbacks or the random reliving of aspect of a psychedelic drug experience are repeatedly cited as a common side-effect of hallucinogenic drugs, especially LSD. Physicians very soon refer to this as a condition known as Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder (HPPD). HPPD solely appears to manifest in a small percentage of (perhaps heavy) users.

The primary symptoms are persistent 'visuals': trails, geometric shapes, flashes within the peripheral sight, after-images and halos around objects. It can end for weeks even years after the drug.
which one?
you`ll be messed up later within life mate.
because it change the chemical balance surrounded by your brain which makes things seem to be more funny, also ive been relaxed approaching nothing bothers me also see strange colours but worst of all is when you seize paranoid and if someone just looks at me if i cogitate they are saying something poorly start a fight its crazy
LSD's Effects on the Brain

Users have a feeling the effects of LSD within 30 to 90 minutes after ingestion, and these effects may end as long as 12 hours. LSD causes hallucinogenic effects by disrupting the interaction of the neurotransmitter serotonin and boldness cells. Serotonin is involved within the control of behavioral, perceptual, and regulatory systems, such as mood, hunger, body temperature, sexual behavior, and muscle control.13 LSD's impact on serotonin also affects an nouns of the brain that detects external stimuli from all over the body, making it more responsive to input from the environment.
I conjecture it my have something to do beside the strychnine that its laced near. Poisoning you, and killing braincells...it make you stupid and more than likely effects your uneasy system. Its not really all that smart to ingest.
It alters your perception of doubt, space & time. It releases chemicals (serotonin) at an abnormal rate that's why you quality good and snigger.

The downside is after you feel shameful. Believe me I've done it quite a few times contained by my youth. Not clever. Be warned too much use cna ineradicably affect you. Read about Psychosis.
Hey, because it have pushed you over the edge man. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO... I know exactly what you indicate... snicker... It's a hallucinogen. Would you have to some extent cried for 5 hours instead.
It takes away your commonsensical thinking state, turning you into a zombie, thus making you easy pray
Because LSD affects the limbic system of the brain as resourcefully as others. The limbic system controls higher turbulent functioning...including the center that controls laughter and sense of humor.
Look love, i used to work for a crucial assurance company, as a medical life undwriter, I read several medical reports surrounded by the time I was in that! Please don't use it again, LSD was one of the worst drugs that give people long possession mental health problems, it destroys segment of your brain, some people suffer more than others!
that should notify you, you shouldn't take lsd. It turns you brain into a mess, so you own no control.
Because its burning your brain, cells so hang on to it up and you will be laughing all the time while they pushcart you off to the funny fruit farm.

I did not know they still had that s*** around!?!?
Dear LSD Lover, I estimate you shouldnt be taking this stuff. Everyone gets a different allergic reaction whilst taking halucinating materials. You are messing with your brain and its chemical go together by taking this stuff. You also might not be aware that you laughing frenzy might trigger you into something called "Hanging in" which denote that you will/might stay in your trip ( basis by the LSD) for good. Believe it or not but you should stop.
possibly fretfulness

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