21 hours of sleep a light of day?

i do that i sleep during school and i sleep after arts school and at n ight and i some times sleep 24 hours on weekends im 13 do you think its basically an age thing or what?>

Yikes! I can sleep for that long too. I know what you're going through and it sucks! You shouldn't be sleeping that much even if you are 13. Sleeping abundantly can be a symptom of a ton of different illnesses. You should see a doctor ASAP! I have depression and I'm pretty sure that's one of the reason why I sleep a lot. Good luck!
It sounds a bit much but most kids who are entering puberty sleep twice as much because of adjectives the changes and growing your body is going thru.
Honestly I truly deliberate Ur crazy or I hate to influence I think Ur pregnant
depressd its not funny achieve a complete physical and a 5 hr glucose test a s a p
Talk to your parents or move about to a counselor it sounds like depression but it could be something else.

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