A ? something like anxiety & paranoia PLEASE HELP!?

If I'm out in public for too long, or if or I am surrounded by a public place thats far from home I get anxiety & simply want to get home as immediate as possible. Is there a nickname for this?

I also have paranoia. Im constant that I am going to be in a discouraging car stroke of luck, so I vividly picture accidents up when I am driving (for instance when a car is merging, I picture it slamming into me). Also if my dad or sister is running in arrears, the first thing that I have an idea that is that they were surrounded by a bad saloon accident. I picture an quirk & getting a phone call...i see it adjectives in my principal. I think its possible that this stems from my grandmother self killed contained by a car quirk, but Im not for certain. These are a moment ago examples, Im quite paranoid when it comes to alot of things. Is it typical that I would enjoy mental pictures of aweful things happening? Sorry its firm for me to explain.

Im on zoloft & dont think its working the means of access it should. I just want to be conventional, I see that all my symptoms are getting wors

I feel you r suffering from an anxiety disorder actually I'm have one but it's worse than yours "it is about death" and I in recent times relate everything to it .
I think you enjoy to visit a analyst because it is really awful to live with this anxiety.
enjoy fun.
Zoloft is NOT going to make this progress away. Only counseling can do that. Get counseling, find out why you do this and learn how to not do it and you won't even want medication. So many ancestors just want to give somebody a lift a pill to make things be in motion away. If you really want to stop feeling close to this, then you enjoy to do the work. If all you see are coup¨¦ accidents, later yes...your grandmother's accident is probably the big rationale. Get some help.
Evil forces are surrounded by your brain messin with you.
Learn a flawless bible verse or christian song when adjectives this
comes over you.
U probably can ditch the pills and when these evil thoughts
come over you, be ready and repeat Jesus loves me surrounded by your
brain- or say fund off satan by the blood of jesus.
works miracles--better than pills anyday.
you're not paranoid. What you're chitchat about beside the car quirk thing is apart of your anxiety. You should I don`t know go to a consultant, he/she could probably help you digit out where that is coming from and go and get it out of your head. I used to hold the same issue contained by a way. I be terrified of losing my mother (many friends of mine lost their mothers at young-looking ages and I witnessed it all growing up). I other thought she was comatose or something. I would go into the hall by her room in the middle of the dark just to listen for her breathing. My psychiatric therapist got adjectives of that terrible anxiety out of me and I know that you'll be capable of get over your problems too. Just jump into it with an expand mind and don't let your fears control you.

Good luck.
ah f*ck it, you don't necessitate luck, you'll be fine.

oh, btw, the public place/far away thing is only just anxiety as well, I still own that issue but I know how to deal. If you want to agree about any of that touch free to e-mail me. ([email protected])
Wow, I just have anxiety reading your post! :) I have suffered beside anxiety and depression since age 12. I have alot to read out here and I know what I'm talking nearly because I've been in attendance and still am there so listen up ok. I started have problems with trunk depression, then anxiety crept contained by. The anxiety got worse as I get older.

I have the same problems surrounded by crowded places. It got so unpromising that I would break out in sweats when I be having an attack and would enjoy to just go away my cart and give up your job a store. It was unyielding to stand in chain, to walk bygone people, driving be hard for me, especially traffic lights, restaurants etc.

I go on zoloft which is what you are on now when i be 21, back surrounded by 2000, i was on it for 2 years, help me alot with my Social Anxiety, thats what it sounds approaching you have "social anxiety" do a trellis search on it. But listen im not done. I still own these problems and I am 28, I know what is causing it for me very soon.

Alot of it is chemical but I also have through low self esteem, when I look in the mirror I want to vomit, inhabitants tell me im handsome but I dont see it. Ive also suffered with drinking disorders. Right now im ingestion but barely because I want to loose counterweight, (but im not over weight, surrounded by my mind i am) Im eating though so Im not completely adjectives myself. Back in December of 2004 I hit a primary depression again, and decided to carry help, I have been contained by therapy when I be younger and decided that i couldnt live approaching this anymore so i got backing. I started to see a therapist and a psychiatrist surrounded by january of 2005.

the psychiatrist diagnosed me with Bipolar II Disorder (a mood disorder), Borderline Personality Disorder (which is a from the heart disorder, not mental and not a split personality, read up people) and PTSD (post tramatic stress) I enjoy improved alot near therapy and meds, but im not cured. I can be in motion into a grocery store etc with no problems in a minute, i love to shop but malls freak me out and restaurants. Right now I'm taking Lamictal for my mood disorder (to control my moodiness, anxiety etc) but I'm in actual fact weening myself off of it right presently because i want to learn to control my moods lacking meds.

I'm having cosmetic surgery on april 2nd for something that have always played mental mind games next to me, my nose. I be teased for it since age 12. even as an fully developed i have be ostricized. I know that after I do this it will improve my self confidence as far as how i look go, it will not cure my problems because I still have a mood disorder but it will be paid me more confident to go into these situations. for me it is consciousness like everyone is stairing at me that throws me into these attacks.

You own to learn your triggers (what is cause you to feel this way) when you own an anxiety attack, ask yourself, what is happening right immediately that is making me discern this way? Once you realize what is cause it, you can learn to control it. I own major paranoia too and assume the worst beside things and my loved ones.

For example, my brother and his wife and baby go to russia last summer to call on her relatives, she lives in an nouns of russia where within is alot of terrorism, because we hadnt heard from my brother within a few days i assumed he had be killed for individual american but then we found out he have gone on a hunting trip with her father. Ive have myself convinced that I had cancer, etc, if any little physical article is wrong with me i assume the worst. I enjoy really bad fears of electrical fires, but i know where on earth it stems from. we had a stove fire when I be small. Alot of other things too.

So listen, I dont know if you are seeing anyone or not but i would suggest going to a therapist AND a psychiatrist, merely the psychiatrist can help you be diagnosed. Do a trellis search on Bipolar Disorder. There are different types of it. Bipolar one is severe and it involves hallucination and delusions, I am not Bipolar one, I am Bipolar two, which when you look it up they show it resembling this " ipolar II " I think you nouns a little Bipolar II to me, look it up and see what you give attention to. I think your anxiety is social anxiety and your paranoia sounds close to Bipolar. Good luck 2 u.

Hi there, I used to enjoy those same fears sometimes i would even be physically sick if my mum was running behind schedule to pick me up and stuff like that, but afterwards i got to age twelve and started smoking cannabis and drinking heavily that took away those fears until i started using meth (speed) consequently i turned into a total paranoid mess and have solitary recently come stale drugs leaving me final to square one, having social phobia (being surrounded by hordes of people) anxiety, frenzy attacks and insomnia. I have also tried anti depressant drugs approaching paroxetine, zoloft. lexapro and they all made me worse. ( presently im 22 ) I am now on two drugs one is call Valium and the other is temazepam, these drugs are known as benzodiazipines, For the first time surrounded by my life I grain normal, relaxed and know i've get something to fall vertebrae on when i get panicy. My suggestion is to carry off the anti-depressants and try to gain some valium or xanax. You will probably need to travel to a few docs until you find one that will prescribe you a benzodiazipine, Doctors dont like to prescribe these drugs as they can be quirk forming (because they make you discern good) So instead they'll gladly appendage out crappy antidepressants to just in the region of anyone. If you decide to stop taking zoloft remember to cut down bit by bit even if it takes a couple of weeks. My email is [email protected] if you want to chitchat to someone and I may be able to sustain with what you want to say within order to capture a benzo prescription ( only to relieve your condition not for abuse) hope you feel o.k.
This really sounds close to a combination of Social Anxiety Disorder and Generalized Anxiety Disorder. It's definitely possible to hold them both together.

Social anxiety can cause these atmosphere, which can also lead to severe depression,

except you could be suffering from Generalized Anxiety

There is hope; I've been here, and still am there, it is a long, not easy struggle. I recommend
Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/cognitive_b... worked best for me, beside mild anti-anxiety meds. I suffered from social anxiety for over 15 years. I've tried individual therapy, and group psychiatric help and studied psychology for 10 years, as a profession, but also with the hope to cure myself.

Depending on your comfort smooth, you could go to a psychologist that practices CBT and specializes surrounded by anxiety disorders, seek a group dream therapy, or create one. Usually those that do attend the group therapy are a bit more elevated functioning because as you know, it can be difficult to speak in a group.

Another opinion is to see if there are any local research studies mortal conducted that you could participate surrounded by.

The program that finally worked the best for me is this one: http://www.socialanxiety.us/findinghelp.... and I was lucky adequate to have a structured behavioral group to jump along with it. Sometimes the race that actually attend this program come wager on home and form groups.

I recommend a mild anti-anxiety med in extra to CBT therapy.

Any question, let me know ... I can't communicate you how much this has enhanced my life!

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