A housewife after 20 years of full time work ?

I have be redundand and now is a housewife, i enjoy a break for a while but now I quality like i am going silly , my brain is slowly ceasing , i have a feeling depressed and useless .
Is it a common point or is there something wrong next to me ?
Any experiences please ?

Yes. After graduating from university and working for a year, the newborn came, and I be a housewife for three years.

You are not alone. I found myself doing crosswords or maths problems in the aspiration to be my own intellectual self again. And there be days I was so worried, I wished those men within white coats would come and ring my bell, and come in and put a straitjacket over me and head me to some institution where I can, at ending, have some rest.

Despite nouns being fulfilling, I feel depressed and useless. I lost my identity. When I was working, I be a cog in a huge machinery which is the organisation I worked for. Now I be a cog lying useless. Some days I felt at hand was nil left to do contained by this world but to grow old and die! And I be 24 years old!

My brain too ws slowing cease to function. I declared myself to friends and family, "I consistency like a cabbage! Just vegetate away!"

To overcome it, you might like to know what I did. You know that axiom about George Bernard Shaw? Some aficionado said to him, "Oh, Mr Shaw! Just think of what fun you must own with your mind!"

I read books and magazine, did cryptic crossword puzzles and won some contests too! {Daily Telegraph? I can't quite remember.} Took up stamp collecting surrounded by a big way -- studied theme and whole countries. Had penpals from adjectives over the world. And hobnobbed with fellow flatmates. We be into gardening too, exchanging plants and advice.

A flat neighbour who have an MA in Sociology and worked as a social worker say that ever since she had her child, she has become one of the cases she used to call on. Now she cries for no reason, similar to the milk boy forgot to come to collect his weekly milk money and she had it adjectives ready for him and be waiting for him to appear but he didn't show up.

Another neighbour had a level in History of Art. She used to organize tours to art galleries adjectives over Europe. She even found in some rarefied church, a mural by a well-known artist, and be the first to recognise his style and even published a paper within a research journal around it. Now, she is saddled near two little children, and feel worn out cooking Yorkshire pudding and keeping a herb garden and throwing kiddy party to while away the time.

Another beautiful and fashionable intellectual married a sheep farmer and say yes, she longs to be back where on earth she was learning English, and was not tied down to arable farm, home and baby.

Do you know, if you be recently made redundant, you are at lowest not tied down by a small baby so that you cannot jump out and find another job. You own the freedom of choice as to what you want to do next. Even a employment on the computer and working at home is a good opinion. If the USA can outsourced jobs to India, via the Net, surely you can work for someone online, and be rewarded for it.

Good luck in your scuffle to keep your mind. Just think presently and then of me and countless other women who have to lose their jobs and be domesticated. I used to reflect on, "So, this is what women's lib is for!"

What you need, as you would expect, is a lot of friends to relieve you live it up a little. You could tie together a club or church programme.
No. Not at all. This is indistinguishable feeling i carry anytime i sit around for very long. It's a moment ago that you like to be busy and productive newly like tons of us. Why not go wager on to work or do some business from home where you could pilfer time off but still return with things done? To keep from losing ur mind you should start some projects around the house to keep hold of busy or volunteer somewhere. Just get hindmost out there and busy and i bet you'll quality better in no time.
After 20 years of full time work, you are no longer cut out to be a housewife. That's close to anyone really. If a guy became a house-husband after 20 years of full time work it would also be depressing.
Working surrounded by the home isn't as simple as sitting in front of TV watching Oprah so yes, it would be a chief issue. You will need to find something to craft your life appear worthwhile again.
I love being a housewife because I enjoy so many things to do, hobbies, etc. I love to cook, read, garden, sew, lug care of myself. You should try volunteering- it's so rewarding.
Yes, I was a housewife for a really long time. My husband have to move and travel a lot to different countries so I be not able to own a work permit. I feel the same path you feel.
About a year ago, I get a job to be exact part time at the pub implicit by. I think that it make me a lot more comfortable and I meet some nice those and have friendships next to my coworkers.
I was notion useless and sad and even starting drinking a bit too much:( Even near no education or even any tangible need for the money I still have a feeling a lot better in a minute.
I work about 20 hours a week so I can still lift care of my house.
Make sure you explain to a boss what your situation is so they can hand over you a proper schedule.
If you don't want a opportunity, I think volunteering is cool, too. Also signing up for different classes at the local gym (pilates, yoga) be a life investor for me for a while.
Good luck with your conclusion!!
Why dont' you just find something that you can do from home.
I hold some really good suggestions. Email me


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