"Bad Dreams"?

Can anyone help me, I am have bad dreams of me and my ex-wife. How do you trade name them go away, when they hold coming back. Is near any dream experts out there who can back me with this answer. What sign could this be, Please minister to me. Could this lead into a big stressful problems to unpromising health. I merely wish they would move about away and never come back. It make me feel disappointing to have them adjectives the time.

It seems that you've have some kind of unpromising experience with your ex-wife (probably why she is your ex) and your dreams are some course of showing that you still have some issues next to it somehow. Depending on your coping mechanisms and how long it's be, it might be a few days or a few months to deal. I estimate if you are able to identify what is cause these dreams, you might be able to numeral out how to cope. If it keeps becoming troublesome, you might want to principal to a doctor.

Good luck!
Im not a dream expert but I believe that since you said it was your ex wife you still love her.

I don't know what happend next to your relationship, but these dreams are just because you love her.

its firm to explain, im not saying you love her similar to "I love her, I Should try to go spinal column to her."

You're just expierencing a broken heart.
It will probably stir away in roughly speaking a month or two. Maybe less.
you probably own some unresolved issues with your ex. your mind may be trying to narrate you to take prudence of them. maybe shes seeing someone else and your upset just about it...it could be any number of things
To see your ex-husband/wife in your dream, indicates that you are finding yourself within a situation that you do not want to be in. It suggests that you are experiencing a similar relationship or situation which make you feel dejected and uncomfortable.

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