How do you feel around it? Are you scared to die or are you in position because we could die any second. Every day we are closer to demise. I'm not afraid to die.

Death is a natural member of the cycle of life. According to hospital monitors I be all but brain comatose but they couldn't be sure because they were too busy trying to revive me. The process is an interesting one and most passive. In any other situation I think I would own been anxious sh-tless, but finding out how the body actually starts to shutdown is fairly peaceable. (nerve wracking for the hospital staff, though, especially with nearest and dearest present)

I think we are mostly afraid of HOW we die, not so much the actual process, anyway, specifically how I approached the situation, but I think i.e. because there seem to be nothing to argument against, so I just go with the flow.

I am not afraid of loss anymore, it's just that little short visit most of us have to travel through to get in that. Everyone is afraid of the pain. Once you grasp past that, it's a snap.
im not afriad at adjectives. im ready to die if its my time.
Im afraid of the backache that might be with extermination. I do not want a painful release, or a death that i know is almost to happen.

Im also worried that this is it! That we will almost be sleeping for eternity. I guess I wouldnt care, but i love duration and i cant imagine not living again
dou you know what will develop after die?life is short. conceivably 2 times later possibly today maybe tomarrow. so live your natural life like butterfly.dont verbs be happy...
I agree next to Woody Allen on this one. He said he wasn't afraid of dying, but just didn't want to be at hand when it happened.
its not that we are going to die that freightens me its ...how?
i presume that a lot of race are scared to die because it is unknown even if you are religious you still are anxious. is it going to hurt, how much pain am i going to discern. have i done right by god and will i budge to heaven or will i step to the other place? i think that is to say why people are upset of death
No I'm not afraid to die because I believe the energy after we die will be wonderful, but I am afraid of how I will die. I don't want to die painfully or long and drawn out.
I'm not afraid to die because Jesus Christ is my lord and savior. I be saved at age 14, I'm immediately 17. I know that Heaven and not Hell awaits me.
It does no good to fearfulness death. That in recent times depresses you and makes the element of your life rotten.
no, im not afraid to die readily. but i wouldnt want to get shot or stabbed or something resembling that, because you have to suffer adjectives that pain, and you still might not even die.
Death is a automatic part of energy. I don't want to die, but I have standard that, in time, it will transpire.

My grandfather gave me this powerful piece of sense regarding passing:

Leave it alone. When the time comes, it will take attention to detail of itself.
Sorry guys, i think anyone who claims he is not afraid of annihilation is telling a deceit, either he(or she) is decieving us or himself...
because its uncomplicated to say that you don't misgivings death when you are muffled away from it, but when you come to contact with it, i imply really contact, like for example someone dies who is extraordinarily close to you, or you experience a car twist of fate that you get out from it contained by one piece with a miracle,, after at that moment the idea of demise strikes you in your boss as a bullet..!
off course you might thought of me a helpless depressed entity.. but the problem is that death is pretty indisputable and scary..
I chew over the only solution for that problem is repentance.. singular when you come close to God(and when you do that you feel it inside) you loose your terror not only for passing but for everything.. you feel peace( you are contained by God's hands), joy (you are standard and loved from the perfect beauty--> God).
let's pray together that we adjectives can repent honestly so we can deserve God's peace.
Death should not be a worry contained by anybodys life... when you don't nervousness death you can ultimately excelerate go.its just a different world to experience...
I am sooo startled!
Here is a place to see how others feel in the region of death.

im not anxious of death bcuz its quality.
not a nice thought though, your body rotting
i am scared of departure, i mean what happen when you die? do recarnate in something else? or what that does'nt terrify you?
I believe the answers vary depending on your religion and or ways of enthusiasm. It has be said for years that you are not afraid of death until you come within contact with God.

I am surely afraid of the twinge that could be inflicted upon me before i die but afterwards when i'm comatose you have no purpose to be afraid because it already happened, you discern no pain because your body is no longer alive.

Everyone dies and not a soul is everlasting, so its a way of energy. Some look forward to death and standing outside heavens take and other grieve from previous deaths surrounded by their families. i believe its adjectives in who you are and what you believe surrounded by.

I know that when i die and am lucky to go to glory it would be perfect. the most magical place contained by the world. You get to be what you want where on earth you want and how you look. Who should be afraid of euphoria and being contained by the presence of the lord that created our souls?

Hope i helped. =] God Bless ^j^
We own our dead time trailing behind us every minute
Scared, but strangely curious...
I do not agitation death for I own my faith to get me and the lord in my heart.
Death is the one point we all enjoy to look forward to

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