A couselor is someone you trust right?

I didn't realise until she wanted to stop the sessions that I enjoy feelings for her. I expect i'm dependant on her and I know that i'm attracted to her, I rang her the other daytime but she never answers her phone, I told her how i felt within an email and i got a reply 3 days latter, which was written within the most text book blank emotionless agency possible, This made me feel completely rejected, lost, really depressed. I be seeing her for drug problem and I was recovering all because of her and her positive goal approach to everything, But now i'm so depressed that my drug intake have trippled within a week and i'm getting worse, it's similar to i'm coming off a drug but it's a girl
can someone aid ?? I am stupid for this but feel so missrable?

I know have simlr ques bfre but still troubling me a great deal sorry

yes a counselor is someone you trust but that's their commission to help you beside your problems and tell you how to solve them plus you enjoy people you can sermon to all the time you don't necessitate a counselor , you need a honest friend that you can depend on. anyways her job is to lend a hand you with your problems not to grasp involved with her patients. you can other count on someone you really trust someone that talks to you and you touch that you have prearranged each other forever!!
hope this help!!
You can trust this therapist, as she is behave properly in not breaking her professional stance next to you. We do get dependent and attached to our therapist, and I'm sorry that she couldn't help you figure out that this was a stage contained by treatment that you were going through. This is especially difficult beside people who are on drugs. Drugs are normally a replacement for human relationships that frighten us because rejection is feared. Drugs are other there, and we can count on what they will do. So you are right; you are have a withdrawal aversion to the loss of this woman.

The good word is that you were responding to treatment.

I doubt that she can work near you again because of the intensity of your personal feeling, but email her that you sort of deduce that you were trying to turn your treatment into a personal relationship which wasn't right. It sounds similar to you still need relief with your drugs. Ask her for a referral. I hope you can tolerate yourself get dependent on your subsequent therapist and become conscious that the feelings are genuine but part of the process—probably related to hasty family attachment issues.

I really want you good luck!
I depended on a analyst one time for 9 years & she stabbed me in the put money on so I know in a course how you feel. But she as your counselor have to keep a client/counselor relationship. Maybe at some other time if you stir to someone else you could re-contact her & things would be different. Good Luck, don't hurt yourself a short time ago because she did this, if you were doing apt keep on.
Time to check yourself into rehab man! You'll swot why she did that if you do! You will also learn why getting away from her be like debt!

You have to love yourself back anyone else can love you. Part of that is getting stale of drugs, so you can deal near all your problems instead of getting dignified to make them cloudy.
You are not stupid and this relatively common, when family are in psychotherapy. She stopped treating you because of "transference" (that's when the patient develops mood for the therapist and think a friendship bond is formed) It is very adjectives to thank the person making your go more manageable, but to be exact their job and it is not personal. Continue analysis with someone else and realize you don't want to move about through this again.
They are not your friend but just a supporter in your nouns.
It is not uncommon for the being receiving counseling to feel they have developed a relationships, romantic one especially, next to the counselor. But any qualified and competent counselor will NOT develop an outside relationship of any kind next to a client. It is against professional ethics.

Your ambience are ones of trust and that is pious, but to think ti could or would develop into anything more intimate is unrealistic. A counselor see hundreds of people a year and have to maintain a professional distance.

She is not rejecting you! Your counselor is doing her position. If you cannot separate your feelings from the requirements of counseling, it is time to more to another counselor, probably a male.
Transference is markedly common surrounded by therapy as you regularly share more intimate feelings near a therapist than near anyone else in your vivacity. Don't blame yourself or feel as though some of the dependency you feel was wrong either-transference does obligation to be addressed appropriately by the analyst and worked through, just close to any other issue in treatment, but the working through does not result in termination but fairly a reassertion of the boundaries in the relationship. It sounds resembling what happened here, perchance, is that she terminated with you thinking your work be done and you later realize that these feelings be there and hadn't be addressed and when you address them (very appropriate) she reasserted the need to call a halt instead of backing up and realize that that would take time to work through.
If she is still accessible to working with you within order to relief you let turn more gradually and explore these ambience more fully, I would suggest doing so. Some counselors are not always great at this juncture and try to protract boundaries by becoming too rigid and aren't as able to express their positive state of mind towards you without fear that you may hear it as they feel like way and this might be your counselors issue. Don't pilfer that personally or allow it to devalue what you and she did accomplish together, but if she will not or cannot work through termination beside you, see someone else and process the loss with them. Don't allow a lapse to become a full blown relapse. And remember that taking back needs to be for you, not for her. If you maintain sobriety for her sake and not for your own, then you're work on the addiction really isn't finished.
You should markedly trust a counselor. You won't be able to get underway up if you don't. You like her so you must know how to talk to her. Maybe your morale for her are just a result of man listened to and buried. You relate to her and feel a closeness because of the personal conversations you own. It's easy to dive for someone who really cares just about you. But don't let your vibrations take control of you. Take control of your mood. It sounds like she really requirements to help you. Take the assist she offers.

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