A cure for daydreaming?

I'm serious, now. I will start daydreaming at some of the worst times, and I normally feel similar to I'm not 100% with it. Any polite ways to snap out of it, and stay snapped out of it?

I have one and the same problem, It is especially bad if you are moved out handed. Some of the things I do are, If some one is discussion to me I repeat every word they say within my head. This keep my focused although it is exhausting. Or if you can, split your attention and while you are working on whatever it may be, try to sense as many things as you can. Like the number vein on top of your foot or the different color paint on the wall. It is an endless disagree and nothing works for me 100% of the time...
Sleep at dark, that might mean lay past its sell-by date the caffeine during the day.
do something
Not sure if this is the answer you're looking for, but is it possible that you're the "creative" type? High I.Q.? Maybe you're surrounded by the wrong job. If you followed your dreams... in truth followed your dreams... would you be living the life your're living immediately?

Daydreaming is not a bad entry.
First off, gross sure you are getting enough sleep. For some plea, daydreaming is alot more potent when we're tired. Things just give the impression of being more boring and our minds start to do their own things. Secondly, practice the concept of being here very soon. That means anyone present at the moment. Do things to help you acheive this. If you jump to school, sit contained by the front row so you will more likely listen to the mentor. When you meet someone unusual, or are just discussion with someone, actively grip in the conversation. It may nouns selfish, but try conversation about things that you specifically similar to. For some reason, our minds in recent times wander past its sell-by date when we're bored. It's difficult not to daydream at times, but remembering to be here in a minute and leaving the daydreaming for a time of still meditation is a must. You don't wanna miss anything! Especially if it's important. Good luck!
Sleep all right at night. Be out of stock in interesting works during time time.

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