If you needed help… would your ex come to assistance?

If you were contained by need of help… permit say from trouble, medical complaint, or other crisis… do you think your ex would backing you? Just a thought.

Yes, I believe he would. He was a horrible awful husband, but he realize the problems were his error after I left. It have been a few years presently and he has come to my rescue financially on several occasion even though I am living with another man and going to marry him. He have told me that if I ever need him that I should christen and he would come running. We were married for 18 years and own three daughters together. I don't know if I trust him, but he would come if I needed him.
i hope not
I don't know. I haven't seen or hear from him in similar to five years. Last I heard he be in prison for rape. He be a mean, insolent, drunk cheater. I wouldn't want his help.
In times of extreme safety and discomfort, ex s come to partake.
mine would see me dead first so i hope not and come to that i wouldnt want them to would entail an injunction first for my safety

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