D0es any0ne have any suggesti0ns 0n h0w t0 be m0re 0utg0ing because im g0ing t0 a new sch00l and ill have t0 make new friends

I use to be SO afraid of everyone around me because we moved every year, literally, so I had to start a new school every freaking grade level of my life.

Then one day... something just clicked. I was tired of being afraid of people. I wanted friends.

I began by pay attention to people around me. Who spoke to me without me speaking first? Who was nice to me? Who was mean to me? Those people who greeted me or seemed nice to me without me initiating anything... I didn't pester them, but I asked open-ended questions a lot about THEM or something THEY liked. Most people call that being a good listener.

People began liking me. Those few turned into friends, then they'd invite me to hang out with their friends, who then became my friends too. I continued to network with people... because a teacher told me networking can get you ANYWHERE in life. And she was right.

I kept going. Being sincere, listening, being a good friend. Sure, there were plenty of mean and evil people who didn't like me, but I soon learned those people were just jealous.

Today I have absolutely no problem making new friends. in fact, my motto is to meet at least ONE NEW PERSON EVERY WEEK of my life. Some of those people I never see again, some I've had employment opportunities through, and some have become friends.

First and foremost... don't compromise yourself. Do what you need to do to be HAPPY and like who you are. People are drawn to cheerful happy people. They'll want what you have because they'll want to feel good too.

Hope that helps a little. Best of luck to ya kid. You've got the whole world ahead of you... pick out what part you want and go for it!

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